Delete all channel note expression data except one??!

I have a 40 minutes long track which I wrote for an orchestra. Now the issue is that I have various note expression data (CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, CC5) and just want to keep one of them. I tried deleting each one of them by selecting all notes, getting into the expression editor and pressing delete but the little asterisk still shows up and the CC doesnt get removed from the parameter list eventhough all events were deleted. Only happens in some channels with some CCs. Now when I click on remove all note expression data I also lose the CC1 information which im trying to preserve.

Any help would be appreciated!

You should be able to use the logical editor to do this. Something like … if CC is not equal to 1 then delete.

Oh god thank, I will try it out now. I was about to give up and “rewrite” my CC1 data (which I use for articulation changes). That would take me days!

Ok it works. Thank you very much. I read the entire note expression section but didnt know what to do as it didnt explain such a procedure.

I honestly have to say that cubase is extremely powerful when handling midi data. No wonder it is the standard.