delete all events behind a clip?

is it possible, or is there a shortcut to delete all events behind a clip?

i know its possible to select the region and hit bounce selection which achieves that, but im wondering if theres a way to do it without creating a new clip…some like select all events behind clip or something.

whether it be midi, or audio…

sorry if this is stupid

attachment for example
Screenshot 2016-07-28 14.56.21.png


Do you mean to delete all lanes and keep just the active one? It’s kind of tricky especially for a MIDI tracks, where you can use multiple lanes at the time. Also for Audio with the Comp selection…

I would recommend you to expand the Lanes, select them and delete them.

Or am I totally Out of the topic?

do you mean events?

Hold SHIFT and double click on “first event you want to delete” - then all following events are selected. :bulb:

(Edit, thanks Martin!)


It’s not necessarily be the first event. The first one, you want to select/delete.

That´s right Martin. Perhaps I was not clear.

I think you want “no overlaps”, which is assignable to a key command.
It is ( trying to translate from german version) under “audio->more->no event overlaps”.