Delete all - red text

If I want to delete everything in a score and start fresh, I’ve been doing ctrl/A and delete. However, after doing that I see the red 4/4 q 1+1+1+1 etc. above each measure (in attached image). How do I get rid of that and is this the right way to delete everything in a score and start over (I want to keep the same instrumentation, just delete all events in the score).

You could select one sign post, then “select more” and delete. Or Shift-B, -300 to delete all bars.

Why not just use the System Track to delete all bars apart from the first one? Or delete the flow and create a new one?

Keeping the flow keeps the notation options etc that you set up for it, if you want to do that.

Personally, I use the “Shift B, -300” method.