Delete CC data

When editing CC values in Key editor, selecting and deleting values results in a horizontal line even if the values “in” and “out” are different.
Now that there is this option to log/lin curve midi data why (the hell) deleting data does not result in linear curve between values ?
only programming articulation or program change over a CC controler would need this delete to result in horizontal line.
At least there should be a default behaviour in preference about this ?

While we’r at it… isn’t there a mathematical formula that would be able to grab all 127values from a CC and convert them into minimal amount of midi points conected with log/lin curves to clarify the midi CC lanes. That’s what is used in DAC for audio soundcards right ?


This is exactly what happens on my side.


It works as expected to me.

Thanks ! that’s what I want !

I don’t have this :stuck_out_tongue: what ever the settings in the bar above : Steps or Ramp/Curve.
There must be something else somewhere.


Do you make the selection by the Obkect Selection Tool or by the Range Tool?

With the Range Tool, it works as you described. It creates a new nodes at the start- and range-end and the value of both is set to the value of the start-range value. If the start-range is at the position of any MIDI CC Node, this value is going to be used.


Ok, for some reason I can’t find the range tool when editing midi values on CC lanes (key editor window) The only thing I get is the arrow for bject. I select values with a box and delete them.


Do you use Cubase 13? This is new in there.

ha ok… no I have nuendo. I was asking on Cubase forum because people using nuendo don’t do much midi…
So this is a new thing. Hopefully it comes in next nuendo.


I have just tested this in Nuendo 12. And… You are right. In Nuendo 12 it works the way you described with the Object Selection tool.

I’m quite sure it will. Everything what is in Cubase comes with Nuendo too.