Delete continuation of pedal?

Hi, I’d like to delete the pedal marking in parentheses in the second line. I can’t find an option for it.

To the Dorico developers: when the signs are selected for pedal markings in engraving mode, I think it is more reasonable not to create the abundant pedal markings in parentheses when the system breaks since it is different meaning for pianists? Not sure if there’s an option for it, but I couldn’t find it so far.

You’re correct that at the present time there’s no option to prevent whatever marking you have at the start of the line on the first system from appearing on subsequent systems. Thanks for the feedback: this is something we will try to accommodate in a future version.

In the meantime, if this is a solo piano project particularly, you could split the pedal line and change the start/end properties for the 2 such that the first system’s pedal line shows nothing at the end, and the 2nd system’s pedal line shows nothing at the start (e.g. by setting its start sign to a hook, then selecting No Hook for the Line start hook property if necessary, although I believe when using the “sign at end” continuation type, the Hook start sign won’t appear anyway).