Delete Doubles Is -Still- Dodgy

I’ve been complaining about this for 10+ years.

There are 2 problems…

  1. Where it really misses true duplicates. That -mostly- works now.

  2. Where it is simply too picky. If the overlapping notes are off by even 1 tick… even though they are obviously the same length, pitch, etc., they are not considered duplicates. That’s crap.

Attached is a CPR with one MIDI track which demonstrates #2. Delete Doubles will not delete the duplicate notes because the start point of the overlaps is 1 tick off.

There should be a -window- where it ‘sees’ obvious overlaps like this and considers them duplicates. Since this is undoable, I see no harm in doing so.

I don’t consider this a ‘Feature Request’ because no -human- would ever consider the current functionality to be reasonable. There’s literally no way to detect these without inspecting EVERY note in List Editor (or auditioning EVERY note for phase issues.) (16.4 KB)

I would agree. it’s not just working if you use it for tidying up dodgy midi setups. What I cannot understand is that in my setup (midisport 4x4) that every midi input and output is listed twice, once as DirectMusic and once as Windows MIDI. (Any idea which ones to disable / prefer). It can also happen if I have more than one out channel enabled on my mp5 master keyboard.

That rears its head once in a while and creates duplicate nots, the only way I can currently delete them is by using the arrow cursor and then hit delete on every second note. Hardly a professional way of dealing with duplicates but of course the “delete duplicates” function does not deal with this at all.

I’ve noticed that delete double, and delete overlaps, both poly and mono, all don’t seem to work very well.

What did work was constructing a Logical Editor set-up to remove notes of between 1 and 4 ticks… Not great when there are supposed to be “functions” that take care of housekeeping like this. Even with the preference set to delete doubles, the program still is recording doubles.

Stephen57 - you set up Logical Editor to remove notes that have a LENGTH of 1 to 4 ticks?
Then I guess the Logical Editor is no use in deleting a whole track where each note has been recorded twice!
I’m also disappointed that there appears to be no process for this situation, and still won’t be when I upgrade to 8.5. :frowning:

It ought to be of the highest priority to fix this!

The “Delete Doubles” command in the MIDI menu has worked reliably for me in the past, but in the latest version of Cubase Pro (8.5.20), it doesn’t work at all!

I received some SMF tracks from a client to work on. One of these is a piano track and for some reason, every single note is doubled, although the lengths vary. Since one needs to preserve polyphony (as well as avoiding sonic artifacts), it is necessary for me to remove the doubles. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Make sure all notes are selected
  2. Hard quantize the notes to make sure that all doubles start at exactly the same time.
  3. Perform “Delete doubles” from MIDI/Functions menu
  4. Nothing happens. Not a single instance of doubles is removed. :imp:

Can this please get fixed soon?

I was able to solve this. Looking at the data in the List Editor, I could see that the doubled notes were on different MIDI channels. On a hunch, I used Logical Editor to change all notes to the same MIDI channel. Then I tried the “Delete doubles” command, and this time it worked!

So… In order for the “Delete doubles” command to work, the doubled notes have to be assigned to the same MIDI channel.

Yes, that is true. And I’m glad it worked for you.

But the thing is: it’s still broken. Sometimes it works… but then others, it will failt. Hence the title key word: Dodgy.

If only it -always- failed, it would’ve been fixed by now.