Delete Doubles Not Working?


When I record a MIDI track in ‘All Channels’, my old MIDI controller sometimes sends out duplicate notes.

I’ve tried using Delete Doubles without success. I have -treble- checked in the List Editor that the notes are -truly- duplicate—channel, start, end, length and it just won’t work reliably.

Is there some ‘trick’ or is it a known bug?

Or perhaps someone can suggest a way to do the same thing in Logical Editor?



The function I use with consistent success is ‘Delete Overlaps (Mono)’. Never understood why but ‘Delete Doubles’ didn’t seem to do what I expected. However, I also then often have to follow that delete overlaps with a delete short notes because the first process often seemed to leave behind very short fragments. All rather annoying really. :confused:

Keyboard set to Local Off? Using the specific MIDI port and not “All”? Seen the MIDI timing link in my sig.?

Thanks. I tried that, and it -does- remove some obvious ‘doubles’ but… as you say… instead of totally removing some duplicate notes, it shortened them to fragments.

I’m surprised that something so basic doesn’t work reliably.


If your controller is sending on multiple ports, the events are probably getting reported at very slightly different times to Cubase. If you zoom in on the MIDI events, you may see they they are not EXACT duplicates which means the delete doubles will not work.

I’d buy that except that when I go into List Editor it shows the start and end times as identical. If those #s are the same, then I submit Delete Doubles should consider them ‘doubles’ and delete them.


Aloha guys,

There was another thread about this a few months back
with the same general conclusion. ???

When the ‘Delete Doubles’ function does work properly I wish it
would give info on what/how many/where events were

On the ‘Delete Short Notes’ feature:

As a MIDI guitarist this feature is a must have.

In order for MIDI guitar to ‘track’ properly (for input
into a DAW), the controller will put out tons and tons
of useless MIDI crap with much of it ‘doubled’.

The DSN function helps to strip away the fat and
leave the lean.

DSN was there when Cubase was a MIDI only programme
and is a special and unique tool for MIDI guitar use.

“Delete doubles” has never worked properly (since SX3 at least) :frowning:
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Totally unreliable.

+1 for fixing it, I end up with doubles a lot as a result of glueing together MIDI parts (where notes that were languishing outside the event (even muted ones) become part of the event again after the glue is done… :confused: )

Wow, I finally noticed why my piano was sounding thin, every note was doubled. Erase double didn’t work and overlaps left small notes everywhere… now I have hundreds of notes to delete!! Which is quicker, re-recording or deleting? :imp:

Logical editor, set to select/delete very short notes.

I bet you 10 quid this still isn’t fixed in C7.

You’re a savvy old fecker.

And AFA ‘the Logical Editor trick’… personally, I’ve only gotten that to work if the ‘doubles’ in question are of different lengths. Sadly, in my case, they are not. When my MIDI controller outputs on two channels at once, the doubles really -are- doubles. Exact same length, timing, etc.

This is -totally- insulting to the highly skilled devs @ SB, but at this point, a modest bit of slagging is warranted, given that these kinds of MIDI function bugs have been going on for -years- (eg. try transposing a group of notes by key.) It shouldn’t be rocket science to find the bit of code that looks vaguely like:

for( x = 1 to # of notes in event) {
if( x.length == (x+1).length && x.pitch == (x+1).pitch ) {
delete( (x+1) )
x++ }

…and just -fix- it.

It’s not like these things are particularly hard to replicate. And the really frustrating thing is that if one takes the time to fill out a Support Ticket? You’d have better luck hearing back from a message in a bottle.


Funny how the Devs are blamed for user ignorance. :wink: :unamused:

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You’re off your beam. What has control room have anything to do with this thread? :unamused:

Whoops, so sorry, posted in the wrong thread, though I have no idea how it got posted in this one! Duly deleted -

My thoughts exactly.

Bollocks. The function has not work as advertised for years. Some may not appreciate the presentation, but that’s another story.

I well understand that for some any grousing beyond a certain point equates with ‘Steinberg Bashing’, but a bug is a bug. Whether or not users should ‘complain less and appreciate more’ is always open to discussion. I for one don’t feel the need to preface every piece of constructive criticism with, “I LOVE you, but…” Doesn’t help with loved ones either. Either they feel the gratitude or they don’t. I’ve used Cubase for 13 years and would not continue to do so if it wasn’t a good product.

This is a support forum. Not a testimonial forum.

As a customer of mine told me many years ago when -I- felt overly bashed: “Don’t take it personally. You’re like the power company. We -depend- on you. The only time we call you is when we’re upset. How many people do -you- know who fall on their knees with thankfulness every time they turn on the lights. Get over it. It’s a compliment. If you really want to feel the love? Your goal should be to make your product so reliable that you -never- hear from us. If you need more money to provide better service, let’s talk. But there’s no point in resenting this. Everyone feels that way about the power company.”

It’s not a bug if it’s user error. :unamused:

Sometimes it works, but then other times under identical circumstances it does not.

Therefore, it is a bug.

It has never worked reliably in all my history of cubase, which goes back to SX3.
Even with notes whose position and length parameters are absolutely identical, the doubles are sometimes not deleted.

And because it doesn’t tell you how many doubles were deleted, the only way to check is to peek behind each of the MIDI notes in turn, to see if the notes underneath have gone. Such a waste of time!