"Delete Duplicate Signature" / "Delete Duplicate Tempo"


I am not a programmer nor am I great at thinking like a computer. I can explain the issue, and the hopeful resolution a Project Logical Editor / Logical Editor preset could perform.

  1. Situation
    Song ideas are recorded and denoted with the Arranger Track. Various song sections have different signatures and tempos.

  2. Song is pieced together and the Arranger Track is “flattened” into the arrangement I wanted.

  3. Many duplicate tempo and signature markers are created after the flattening, attached to each riff/song segment.

Hopeful Result:
A preset that can be constructed that will remove the duplicate tempo markers and signature markers.

For example, let’s say the song I created has 4 different riffs that were in 4/4.

Upon flattening, each riff will be denoted with a 4/4. So I’ll have the original 4/4 with Riff 1, but then every subsequent riff will have a 4/4 attached to it. It’s precisely these extra 4/4 I wish to delete. The same thing with tempo markers.

I have spent many moments cursing under my breath because I have accidentally deleted or missclicked while cleaning up my sessions by hand and deleted something I didn’t wish to delete.

I understand that, perhaps, this can’t be fully automated, but any kind of preset or automation that could make it easier would be appreciated.

Thanks in adavance!