[delete]Guitar recording is always slightly ahead of click

Hey guys, the title says it all.
I use a Scarlett 2i2 with Bias FX to record my guitar and essentially whenever I do my recording is always rushing just a bit. It’s ahead of click, it’s ahead of a drum track I’m using. And in other DAWs it seems to be fine, so it’s not the issue of me being shite and unable to play in tempo. How do I fix that?
I’m using Cubase Elements 8.
Thanks in advance!

What are you using as click?

might be a dumb answer but standard cubase metronome.
The issue is on the recording side though as if I record along with a separate drum track in .wav, my guitar recording is still rushing.

Audio? MIDI? If MIDI - what device is generating the sound?

Ehm, so, aight, bear with me as I’m a newb.
The metronome is coming as a cubase feature - the one you could find one main panel where is says “click” and “tempo”.
Guitar is Audio and is being recorded through Scarlett 2i2 with some guitar plugins.

Noticed that bar lines on recording are off - why is that? Also it;s not like all of them are off by the same amount - it differs bar to bar!