Delete/hide staves in selected bars

Dear Dorico community,
i would like to ask if it’s possible to hide selected bars from a staff.
Selecting one item in a bar in write mode and then “remove staff” form the menu results in removing the staff from that point on. What if a just want to remove it for a few bars?
i use Dorico 3.5
Thank you!

In the same place as “remove staff” you’ll find “add staff above” and “add staff below”. Click the closest visible staff in the same instrument where you want to restore the hidden staff, then use “add staff above” or “add staff below”.

When you remove a staff, Dorico doesn’t delete the following music, it just hides it. You should find that it’s restored if you’ve correctly used “add staff above/below”.

If you are attempting a “cutaway” score, Dorico is not there yet but has plans for future efforts in this area.

You can also hide/show staves from a system or frame break using manual staff visibility.

Something nice to have. It would save literal cutting and pasting bits on the table top, gluing them to a piece of blank paper. Remember to add plenty of clefs to use on your paste up.

Thank you all.
yes exactly Derrek, i mean a “cutaway” score. Actually i don’t get how the command
“remove staff” works at all. So far i was able only to remove the left hand piano staff.
in every other cases either nothing happens or “-1 staff” appears but the staff is still there. Can you please tell me to what criteria “remove staff” uses?
Leo, when you say same instrument you imply the instrument has multiple staves? Lillie, yes i used that but that work for the all system or a frame, what i would like to do is to make a staff disappear and reappear at any point of the score.

You can only remove staves from instruments that already have multiple staves. If you’re trying to start and stop the only staff belonging to an instrument, you’ll have to wait until cutaway score features have been implemented.

You might be able to work around it using a graphics frame containing a blank white graphic, I guess, but that’s not for the faint-hearted - you’ll want to wait until everything else in the score is fully laid out.

Thanks Leo, yes i actually thought about the graphic solution. Very briefly :slight_smile:
Yes, better wait.
Still what i see in this video is kind of in the direction i’d like to go. Lots of broken staves. Could “divisi” be a temporary workaround? Any tutorial about smart staff and divisi?

Divisi doesn’t help, or I would’ve suggested it! The first divisi change on a staff defines the number of staves that that instrument will show for the whole of that staff.

ooops, forgot to add the link tot he video Smart Staff Management in Dorico Pro | New Features in Dorico 2 - YouTube

ok i see. thanks again!

I suppose, looking at that video, that Ossias may be useful if you play around with the Engraving Options. The opening shots, where staves come and go on the same system, are taken from Galley View. There’s nothing in that video that can’t be achieved currently, but it doesn’t really relate to cutaway scores.

This hides the selected staff (or staves) until you invoke this panel to reset the visibility.

I was mislead by the gallery view and the look of some of the scores in the video. Still
good to know that Ossias have been used. I probably need to dig into that anyways…

Yes Derrek but that will hide a staff for a whole system at least

Yes, but you said you were not sure how to do it, so I thought I’d let you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

totally. thanks again!

Hello Derrek.
Is it possible to hide selected bars from a staff in Dorico Pro 4? Is this improvement already available? To me this improvement is very important.
Eric Barreto

If you are referring to Cutaway Scores, these are still not available in Dorico.
One can hide a staff or staves for one or more systems, but not for partial systems.