Delete Inactive Track Versions

I recently discovered this function, and I really appreciate it. I was in the process of creating “clean” versions of my projects to remove the intermediate editing/processing steps and prepare for mixing.

HOWEVER, I’m finding that this function is not working as I expected.

To be specific, “Project/Track Versions/Delete Inactive Versions of All Tracks” does not do exactly what it claims to do. It will only delete track versions from tracks visible on the project window. When my tracks exist within a collapsed folder, they are not affected by this function. Tracks existing outside folders, and tracks within a folder that is expanded, will be affected.

As a user who very often uses track folders, and even subfolders, to keep my tracks organized, I found it unintuitive to have to expand all folders and subfolders for this function to actually delete inactive versions of ALL tracks.

Is this behaving as intended? If this is behaving as intended, then I’d like to formally request a new function which deletes from ALL tracks, even those within collapsed folders.

Thank you,