Delete Last Recording?

Hi all,

Does Cubase have the ability to “delete last recording” quickly and then set the cursor back to the previous position it was at (before recording)? For example, both Logic and Pro Tools allow you to hit CMD + . on the Mac to drop out of recording, delete what was recorded (so it isn’t saved in the project folder at all) and stop playback and move the cursor back to the original location.


Cubase does have macros that let you do the above.
But anything that is recorded is in the project folder, and stays there as long as it is not deleted from the pool.

Try Ctrl-Z. I can’t remember if it resets the cursor but from memory it will put the rejects in the pool trash, which you will have to clear manually.

Not exactly the answer to your question, but usually when I record, I set the locators around the area to record. So it’s a simple delete, numpad-1 (jump to left locator) and re-record.
Also, if you use lanes, then you can just ignore them for now and delete the bad takes later so it’s just numpad-1 into *. Obviously can be macroed.

Thanks all - will try setting up a macro. Removing unused media from my pool will be the extra manual step I guess.

Like a previous poster mentioned, I’m a Ctrl-Z fan…

Also, in the pool you can right click and delete all unused media.


Be careful about it when you pool contains external media. They will be erased as well from their original location without chance of restore when deleted (not removed) from the pools trash.

No really, Ctrl-Z’s your man! See the official documentation (p.120):

Undoing recording
If you decide that you do not like what you just recorded, you can delete it by selecting Undo from the Edit menu. The following will happen:
-The events you just created will be removed from the Project window.
-The audio clips in the Pool will be moved to the Trash folder.
The recorded audio files will not be removed from the hard disk. However, since their corresponding clips are moved to the Trash folder, you can delete the files by opening the Pool and selecting “Empty

Now, since a macro is a string of keycommands it does do exactly that and additionally all the other things the OP asked for in just one step.

Ctrl-Z is one step. If the OP wants to mess around with macros to do his housekeeping (although it sounds like he isn’t counting on that), that’s up to him, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Kiss!


I’ve set a key command . File - Key Commands. Under “Transport” , select “Return to start” I’ve assigned the ` key as this was not used. So whenever I need to cursor to jump back, I can enable it at will… Control-Z does remove the event, but the file is never deleted unless you clear the pool…