Delete lyrics?

Is there a way to select an entire section of music and one-click delete all its lyrics?

I’m only finding awkward ways to do this:

• I can click on an individual syllable and delete it, but then I’ve got hundreds
• In Write mode, in Galley view, I can sort of oddly lasso around lyrics and if I get lucky I lasso the right thing (not including its notes) and can delete it, but it only works for one screenful at a time and one stave at a time. I need to delete dozens of measures of lyrics and four staves.
• I wish I could click on the first syllable, shift-click the last syllable, then hit delete, but this doesn’t work either. This selects the notes too, and if I hit delete, I lose my notes, which is not what I want.

Any reason there isn’t a simple Edit > Lyrics > Remove command?

Side note: in my second example (lasso/rectangle-select a passage of music) it’d be super dooper helpful if elements highlighted DURING the mouse-down so I could see what I was selecting. Dorico doesn’t do this, so I have to release my mouse to then discover I was one pixel away from enclosing the right elements in my selection rectangle.

I’m in 3.5 BTW.

Select your section (It’s often easiest to use the system track for this as it selects everything).
Then Edit>filter>Lyrics>All lyrics
Then hit delete.
(Almost a single click)

Or even faster (if you’re doing it often), set a jump bar command for this: fl, which is what I’ve done. So it’s jfl Enter.

(Both OP and I are still on D3.5)

Oops. Heh. Reading is hard, sorry.

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Thanks very much. Makes sense.

Still I would recommend to give the “Filter all Lyrics” a keyboard shortcut.

Mine is cmd-F, L (yes, sequential shortcut)