Delete Muted and Detect Silence QUESTION


In Cubase 9 I have a shortcut to delete muted events. That shortcut stopped working in Cubase 9.5. Was it removed?

Also, if I select multiple audio events and open the “Detect Silence” feature, I no longer get the option to “Process all selected events at once”

Is there a list of 9.5 known issues that I can check? Thanks

The key command is a Logical Editor preset and still works (Delete muted elements/MIDI parts).

“Process all selected events” shows up for me.

Thanks for the reply. Here is a screen shot of my key commands list in C9 and C9.5. I don’t see the “Process Logical Presets” in C9.5 like I do in C9. Can you tell me where to find it in C9.5? Thanks

As far as the “Process all selected events at once”. Funny thing is if I only pick one event, it comes up. If I choose multiple events, it doesn’t. I wish I had a screen capture software to show it.

You’re looking for this:

I can’t open the link. can you re-post it? Thanks!

That’s exactly what I see in C9. But in C9.5, that folder is not in my list. If i search for “Delete Muted” in C9.5, nothing happens. It doesn’t find it.

Your Cubase installation is likely messed up. I would recommend reinstalling, preferably using the full 10GB installer that you can find on the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Pro version ?


Aye ya yay. Looks like a weekend project. Thanks!

You may solve it by just copying your ‘Key Commands.xml’ file from the Cubase 9 preferences folder to the 9.5 prefs. Please make sure both versions are closed when you do this (and perhaps move the 9.5 to the desktop instead of overwriting). If that doesn’t help, there are a couple more options to try, but it should work.

I had already copied the “Key Commands.xml” already and that didn’t work. So I went ahead and did the following:

  1. Downloaded the full 11 gig installation file
  2. Uninstalled Cubase 9.5
  3. Deleted the “App Data-Roaming-Steinberg-Cubase-9.5_64” and “Program Files-Steinberg-Cubase 9.5” folders
  4. Re-installed Cubase 9.5 from the 11 gig folder.

Now, this install took probably about 2 minutes tops. I then launched Cubase 9.5 and went to “Key Commands” and the “Process Logical Presets” is now showing so I can now use the “Delete Muted” feature. However, there are a few crazy things going on now.

  1. My project presets reverted to the Cubase 9 presets
  2. Certain tracks randomly link together even though they are not highlighted
  3. Lots of clicks and pops
  4. Crashes on loading projects
  5. Can no longer drag files into the project. I can only use the import feature.

At this point, I just want to know how can I create a TOTALLY CLEAN install of Cubase 9.5. I’ll then copy the “Key Commands” again. If I have to redo my Project presets, i’m fine with that. Thanks!