Delete Muted Events not showing up in Key Commands

Does anybody Know why i can’t find this command in Cubase 9.5.3?

I checked inside Cubase 8.5 and this command is available in that version,
Did they take it out of Cubase 9.5.3?
I really need this command, please if anybody knows why it disappeared let me Know!


Check the Project Logical Editor

Hi, Thanks for replying, What do you mean? i checked and there is no such a command in the project logical editor to select or delete Muted Parts or event, can you specify?
maybe i Should have mentioned i’m referring to Audio muted events.

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You could get it done with logical editor and then assign it to a KC

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What i would really like is to be able to select muted or unmuted event on a specific audio track (not midi events)
is that possible some how?
if so I would be more than happy to get some clues to how it’s done :slight_smile:
i’m not an expert on editing the logical editor.

Sure, here you go… this will select any muted audio events on any of the currently selected tracks.

Do you have any PLE presets at all? Cubase comes with a few dozen presets/examples of which I think (but am not totally sure) one is for doing what you want. If you don’t have these presets you might want to restore them.

No, it seems i don’t have any PLE presents, that’s strange

Yes that’s great but it selects all muted events inside the projects on all tracks.
I need it to select the unmuted or muted events on a specific track, can you help me with this please?


What you need to do is copy the PLE presets from a previous version of Cubase into 9.5. If you are on a PC (we highly encourage folks to put their config info in their signature to make answering questions easier) below is the path for C8.5. Take the contents of this folder and copy it into the corresponding folder for C9.5

C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5_64\Presets\Project Logical Editor

These presets are great examples on how to construct your own.

Also you should probably double check and see what other (if any) presets got lost on the way to 9.5. Just compare the folders for each version.

Yes now i see the presets were missing, your advise worked and i copied them,
but still i am not able to select muted or unmounted events on a specific track, The “Delete Muted Events” command selects all muted events globally on all tracks in the song, Do you think theoretically i can program the commend for a specific track?


Not at my DAW to get this exactly right, but…

In the top section of the PLE you need to add an additional line that says something like
“AND the state of the TRACK is SELECTED”

If you look at the other presets I’m pretty sure you’ll see an example of how that should really look.

Unfortunately, the PLE cannot do this. The logic works either at the track level or event/part level and not a combination of both at the same time.

Oh that’s a shame, I think it would be great if editing the logical editor in the track and event/part level simultaneously will be featured in future versions of CB

I just double checked and this seems to be correct. I thought it might be a matter of getting the parens right. Too bad 'cause it sure seems like there would be lots of things someone would like to only do on the selected Track(s).

This really demonstrates how a proper scripting language is needed.

I haven’t tried this but a possible workaround would be to run several PLE presets in a Macro. Something like:

  • PLE that locks all the Tracks that are not Selected
  • PLE that deletes all Muted Audio (which won’t delete anything on the Locked Tracks)
  • PLE that unlocks all the Tracks.

The OP wants to ‘Select’ all muted events on selected tracks rather than ‘Delete’ them. Or at least that was my understanding.
It’s not possible to do this.

It is possible, however, to ‘Delete’ all muted events on selected tracks with a macro (without locking/unlocking parts).

If you do actually just want to delete all muted events on selected tracks then firstly create this PLE and save it as a preset. (NB I’ve added a condition which checks if the event is selected as well as muted) and the function at the bottom needs to be set to ‘Delete’.

Then create this macro…

Edit->Select All On Tracks (this selects all events on selected tracks)
Project Logical Preset->Delete Muted Audio Events (as above)


Thanks for this, I’ll give it a try!

I’m defiantly am going to try this!
i’m sure i’l find it useful!
meanwhile I hope Steinberg will make it it easier in future updates