delete or removal of vocal notes with variAudio

Hey all,
I have been using Cubase for a few years and currently run Cubase 7.5. I mostly use it to make vocal learning tracks for a cappella groups.

My question is that I am trying to make some changes to an existing recording to get it to match changes that were made in the sheet music. The problem I am having is that I want to delete or remove a couple of notes and be able to stretch the prior note over that space. I can delete the note when in adjust segmentation mode, but it doesn’t truly delete the notes. I can also mute the notes, but neither deleting nor muting will allow me to stretch the prior note into that space. Deleting the notes acts the same as shrinking the notes that I am wanting to remove to as small amount of time as possible. There is always a space where I cannot drag the prior note.

Hopefully someone here has some useful advice for me.

Thanks in advance,

Hi and welcome,

You can glue the two segments, then it looks like one note.

Currently the recorded lyric is “My Door’s al-ways o-pen, o-pen.” I want to eliminate the echo of open. My plan was to split the “o” off the first o-pen so it doesn;t get stretched, and split the “n” sound off of the first and second o-pen. Then delete the first n sound and all other word sounds up to the second n. Then stretch first word up to the second one. Is there a way to glue those two note segments together? Right now when I stretch the “peh” vowel as far as I can, I am left with an artifact between it and the last “n” sound.

Thanks for the help!


Myself I would do this out of the VariAudio. I would do this in the Sample Editor on the level of the waveform.