Delete overlaps doesn't work in cubase pro 9

Hello all!

I just registered this account due to this issue I’m having in cubase pro 9. Windows 7. I upgraded from 6 to 9 and I never had this issue in 6.

When seams overlap, in cubase 6 I can hit my shortcut alt+delete (from the menu audio>advanced>delete overlaps) to “delete overlaps”, however the same function doesn’t work for me in cubase 9. I press alt+del but I can still see the overlapping audio info - but the edit history shows the opposite.

I started this project in cubase 6 but delete overlaps doesn’t work in any project I start on cubase 9 either.

I’m working with drum sampling and all events are in the same lane. There are 2 lanes for each track, and lane 2 has no data at all. I tried to remove this lane 2 but it’s still here and no edit history of “removing the track” appears. Group editing (“k”) is on but I’ve turned it off/on and that doesn’t change anything. All tracks are alligned perfectly.

Does it have something to do with track versions (all are the same version), lanes, or a new feature of cubase 9 that I’m yet to discover/understand?

I’ve found this is the easiest way to apply the same length crossfades - especially with drum editing. Further explaining specifics of my whole process with the hope of clarifying:

-record/import audio
-“move selected tracks to new folder”
-turn on group editing (“k”)
-select best takes, delete other data from all other lanes
-slice/split and “hand” quantize (click and drag “hits” into time) aka edit.
-select all audio events (click and drag over specific events)
-hit “u” to uncover all hits chronologically
-“delete overlaps”

-click and drag to select all audio events again
-“x” to crossfade
-“some of the selected events cannot be crossfaded. The gap between audio events is too large. Do you want to continue?” message appears
-click continue
-manually adjust (Click and drag) crossfade start and end points accross all events.

What am I missing to get these overlaps deleted? I really hope I’ve been clear enough and that others know what I’m going through haha. Applogies if this post is too long, confusing, or not conforming to forum standards. Please advise if necessary and I’ll correct it.

I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find anything relevant, so thanks in advance to anyone who can provide help.

-Adrian aka Bage