"Delete Overlaps" erases Midi data

I don´t like overlaps. That´s why I enabled the “Delete Overlaps” option in the preferences menu. While it does what it should, it also deletes the midi data within the overlaps, so whenever I decide later on that I need to drag some midi event open again, the midi notes are gone and I can´t recover them. It seems this feature is destructive. It doesn´t do that with audio though. All audio data is retained within the event and can be revealed or hidden by trimming the events. I´m working on Windows 10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad W530. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I need to look into this and I am not at my cubase computer. But,
Are you saying “undo” doesn’t recover your data?


Undo recovers the data, yes. So it´s not destructive in that sense. But if I choose to change the length of the midi event at a later point in time, because the arrangement has changed, for instance, undo isn´t an option anymore because too many other steps would have to be undone as well, and then there is no way of getting the midi notes back. I would have to do it all over again, or open an older version of the project and export the midi files (which clearly is annoying). When I trim the length of an event manually the data stays preserved (as it should be). So I can´t imagine this being intended. Maybe it´s just my system and it doesn´t happen on others. If it does though, I would consider it a bug.

I thought about this. Yes it is true that the midi data is kept when you trim yourself, but it is not kept when you “cut” a midi event.

Perhaps it is treated the same. I guess it also depends on if your midi events are “merged automaticall”

Weird. Does that make sense? It seems impractical. Thanks for your input!