Delete pages

I’m aware that this topic has been discussed in this thread - but it doesn’t solve my problem:

I’m trying to make a user defined template - as a file I can open and start working on by saving under another name. It holds all the information I use on front and back cover including a few other things. I would like the template to be 8 pages. But I started working using an existing project which has 12 pages. Hence it would be nice to simply delete the empty pages. I’ve tried using the icon for removing overrides - as discussed in the earlier thread. It does not work - see video here:

I can’t select the pages in the working area and delete from there either.

I should probably create master pages with the cover setup instead.

The reason you can’t delete pages 3–6 is that you have overridden pages later in the layout. The way it works is that an overridden page lives at a fixed position in the list of pages, so if you have an override on page 7, then pages 1–6 must exist, in order that the override on page 7 can exist.

You should find that you can move the overridden pages towards the front of the order using the move page earlier/later buttons (with the < and > icons in the action bar at the bottom of the Pages section of the right-hand panel in Engrave mode), which will effectively remove the empty pages.

Thank you,
It worked.