Delete rests and repeat slashes in a tuplet

Hi everyone, I’ve unfortunately been away from music for the better part of a year, and returning to work now. Back on Dorico and feeling a bit overwhelmed seemingly having to relearn everything. So forgive me if this isn’t such a difficult task:
I searched and didnt find.

I’m trying to arrange this famous piece of music. When I delete rests (select rest > edit > delete rest), it resizes the spacing of the tuplet so that it is smaller. I was hoping to just make the rest invisible, and not resize.
I also am not having such luck when it comes to inserting repeat slashes inside the tuplet.
Is this possible?

Many thanks for helping me get back on track

Dorico doesn’t support using a bar repeat symbol for a figure smaller than a bar, so you can’t straightforwardly use that notation in this case.

One way to handle this would be to create a new notehead set that uses the bar repeat symbol in lieu of a normal notehead, and use that for each of the bar repeat symbols. If you create 11 3:2 eighth tuplets in the 11/4 bar and create the arpeggiated figure as a 6:4 32nds tuplet, then put in a pair of regular eighth notes beamed together to complete each of the triplets, and set them to use your new bar repeat notehead, provided you beam them together, when you hide their stems (using the ‘Hide stem’ property in Engrave mode), the beam will also be hidden. I did a quick example in the attached project. (271 KB)

groovy. That makes sense. Much appreciated.

Thanks Daniel.