Delete Track (only if it has no Data)?

Hi All , anyone know if there is a pref for Delete Track , so you get a warning dialog if there are region on it (audio or Midi)


AFAIK, there isn’t a related preference setting for that, but don’t you get this message, each time you are attempting to use the Remove Selected Tracks command ?


Not that I know of, but you could probably use macros and project logic editors to build something (and optionally bind it to hot-keys).

I.E. A clean up macro that ‘finds and deletes’ all tracks with no data (parts/events or VST control events) in them.

Off the top of head, I’m thinking it might be easier to build a logic editor that ‘selects all tracks that DO have data’, then ‘invert’ the selections, then delete.

Logic editors should have enough options to sort through a list of filters and select any track that DOES have specific types of data, and ‘select or highlight’ the tracks. It can check for the presence of MIDI parts, as well as data on VST automation lanes.

Seems like it also has an option to ‘invert’ selections. As in, toggle everything that’s selected off, and everything that ‘not selected’ on. If not a simple ‘invert’ option…it does have tools to mark the tracks first (add an astrix or something into the track name), then do stuff in a second pass, then unmark them in a third. All those ‘passes’ can be aggregated into a single ‘macro’.

It also has filters to things like:
Select a track with a given string pattern in the name.
Select all tracks that are muted, or soloed, etc.

The project logic editors can also hunt down and manipulate things according to ‘range’, and more…

In addition to the project logical editors…there are MIDI logical editors (and to some extent working with VST parameters…particularly if you do a little bouncing back and forth between the MIDI CC lanes in the part, and VST automation lanes)…so similar ‘hunt/manipulate/edit/copy/cut/paste/delete’ missions can be accomplished targeting more micro level content inside the ‘parts and automation lanes’.

There is already the Project > Remove Empty Tracks command : no need to reinvent the wheel. :slightly_smiling_face:

Never tried to use it, though…

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Ha ! I missed that one, as the default behavior has always been OK for me (Warning displayed).
Thanks for the tip… :slightly_smiling_face:

I did spot that , but I don’t want to remove all used .

That what I am looking for thank you :slight_smile:

had mine set wrong