Delete unlicensed downloaded FM lab

I by mistake downloaded FM Lab, for which I have no license from the Steinberg Download Assistant.
I have deleted the files in the same programme, but when I open Halion Sonic 7, the FM Lab still is shown (with red minuses) for all its intstruments. I dont want to see these unavailable instruments, so how do I remove the FM lab from the Halion?

I have the same issue. But for my case, I thought FM Lab is part of Cubase 12 pro but now, it shows with red minuses in my project. Can someone please confirm if I need to buy the license separate.
Btw, I am new to Cubase and recording.

FM Lab must be purchased separately. It’s also included as part of the Halion Sonic 7 Collection, which includes all factory libraries from the full Halion 7 at a lower price.

To uninstall it, please run the Steinberg Library Manager.