Delete unwanted pages

I have a project with 3 flows which I have successfully formatted onto 17 pages. But somehow Dorico has given me another 13 pages of the same music from those flows, and I can’t figure out how to get rid of the unwanted extra pages. If I remove the overrides I just get the beginning of another flow. If I delete all the frames on a page, Dorico gives me another page at the end as if I had meant to add a blank page in the middle of things.

To be clearer, P. 17 contains 1 system which is the end of Flow 3. (I’ll compress that later.) Then P 18 starts again with the beginning of Flow 2 and continues through that and on to the end of Flow 3. If I click unlink, I get a whole new link token. (I started out with 2 but by now I have 4.)

I’m sure this is easy but I can’t find any instructions about how to just delete a page. How can I get rid of all those extras?

I would guess that somehow you have got the flow chains between the music frame linked wrongly. You probably want all the frames to be in one chain that contains all the flows (at least, that’s the how the default layout is set up).

But you attach the score, it’s impossible to guess exactly what might be wrong.

The reason you “can’t delete a page” is probably because Dorico thinks you have told it to put all the music somewhere in the layout - so if you try to delete a page and the music won’t fit in the smaller space, it just creates another page to hold what was left over!

Figured it out. Layout options:Flows:Allow on existing page; then just assign everything to the first flow. Thanks John Barron on YouTube.