Deleted bars keep returning from "The Death"

This is weird:
I have a project with 38 flows. Flow n.2 is the problem. In the end of this flow there are 10 bars - empty, so I tried to use “trim flow”, it didn’t work. Then I used Shift-B and deleted the bars. Every thing was okay, so I saved the project. Next time I opened the project the 10 bars was BACK!!!
I just realized this during the final upload to my Publisher! Now I have to control ALL layouts again and attach the frontpage to all parts and score. ARGHH!
And I remembered to check for signposts, there was none in the 10 bars.
Has anybody experienced this?

You probably have a long cue hanging around. Check any cues that are near to the end of the flow.

Okay I solved this “problem”. I had a staff with cue notes from another instrument. The cue notes section continued to the end of the flow, so when I deleted the empty bars, Dorico put them back again because one staff had a cue note section that INCLUDED those 10 bars.

Oh saw you reply now. Yes I had a long cue. Thanks!