Deleted files from Audio Folder

Hi there, I waws wondering if someone could be of assistance as I’ve got myself in a spot of bother.

So I just finished a track yesterday (yay!) and I thought I’d keep the project as a template for later use. So I’ve basically deleted everything and saved as template and closed project without saving over the track i’d mixed.

Anyway I open the new twmplate to use and the files from the other track are in the pool ( or so I thought), so I went ahead and deleted all te stems from the pool and trash only to have the thought dawn on me that they could be the same stems! Low and behold they were! I presume because I didnt backup the project before having my “bright idea”. This leaves me feeling pretty sick right at this moment in time. I’ve read the manual and other forum threads and am lead to believe that the files are gone for ever, but surely this cant be true??

IS there not a cache dump or hiddein file somewhere or some data revovery software that could retreive said files??

Any help on this would be muchly apprecieted!

Yes I am a fool who has learned a very valueable lesson but please dont let that mean my track stems are gone forever!?!?

Many thanks in advance.

The cubase clown,


if you are lucky they are in Cubase trash or your OS recycle bin, you might wanna try a file recovery tool if you haven’t written too much new stuff to your drive since the deletion if you can’t find them.

If you delete the tracks they are gone! Thatˋs why Cubase asks if you want to delete or only remove from project IIRC.
If at all, then as Glenn says, a recovery tool might help.