Deleted Playback Template Causing Error Warning In Project

I am working on a project that gives me an error warning every time I open it. The warning states that a referenced playback template is no longer installed in my system. But I long since deleted that playback template from the project. Is there any way to find the offending playback template and stop this error from recurring?

D3.5 VSL Template - 2021 October.dorico (798.5 KB)

I was able to open your project (got the warning)
Change the Playback Template to “Silence” and saved the file as a new name.
Opened the saved project without any warnings.

Is that what you are doing and it is not working for you? Attached is mineD3.5 Silence VSL Template - 2021 October.dorico (490.5 KB)

Thanks gdball.

Your action works to avoid the warning, but it also deletes all my VST instruments and their assignments. Did that under a new filename, so no harm done, but I’d rather put up with the warning on my original file than redo all my VST setup work.

I’m hoping to get rid of the warning when opening the project as is, hoping to address the underlying problem.

Still, thanks for the recommendation.

I think the only way to do away with that warning for good is to reapply a different playback template, which it sounds like would be deleterious because you would have to set up the other sounds again.

Save your current set up as a new Playback Template, then follow the @gdball instructions. When silent project is reloaded, reapply your new Playback Template.

Thanks Daniel, Janus. I’ll try your suggestion, Janus.

Janus, that did it. My custom names for the VST instruments had been overwritten by the playback template, but that was easily redone. Thanks.

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