And pretty cool sounding it is too! :slight_smile:

Dynamic sound. I can see myself, with a cup of coffee, enjoying the morning show as they talk over your music. Sort of like gigging in a noisy bar.

Nice mood music.

thanks for listening in sav and michael.
@michael, they had me turned down rather good and it was cut up, except for the shows intro.

Really effective track. Coveys the whole morning-getting started - lets see whats in the news feel. The choice of drums is spot on. That should be called the corporate kit cause its the kik and snare you always here in corporate/tv underscores.

that made me chuckle, so right. its actually pieces of 2 kits and I named it something stupid…but consider it renamed, lol.
really appreciate your comment thankyou, nice to get the reaction you think of when making music

Nice piece, Bob. Smooth, spacy and nicely put together.
A thoroughly enjoyable Saturday morning listen.

hi lenny, thankyou very much for stopping in and commenting, much appreciated

Cool, I’m going to play it in the car and voice over it myself! I liked the remark about corporate drums - so right.

lol, when I played it in my truck I was voicing over to, it seemed everyone was driving too slow…“move your ass people” :laughing:

Hey bluebob,

That’s a nice piece of music. Very enjoyable! :sunglasses:


hi Wim, thanks for stopping by, appreciate the listen

Evidently it’s not just for coffee … sounds good while I’m reading some contracts with a splash of scotch in the other hand too.

I’ve been known to have the odd glenfiddich myself, cheers…

hi bluebob nice one,i like the feel of this track ,the bass and bass drum sound good and the chords are nice,although it dont seem like morning music to me ,it seems more like chill out late at night music when youre rubbing noses with the other half.

Very pretty. To be honest, I was waiting for it to go to the IV chord. But it’s perfect for what it is – the chorus on the guitar fits nicely

hey thats cool to, might be the best time :sunglasses:

I think I know what you mean, one more chord down during the breaks. darn I missed it.
thanks for the play and have a great day