Thats a really nice song, shame it has to ‘fly away’!
I know you asked how it was coming over in the speakers, unforunatly I only have my cans available at the mo.
Sounds ok in cans, the only ‘little’ thing I found was some of the S’s in the vocal were a bit, well, Ssssss :slight_smile:
Could try dipping some of that ‘Sss’ frequency out of the reverb first, Sssee if that helps :slight_smile:
But I could be completely wrong, either way, I just wanted to drop a fell lines to say…nice toon! :slight_smile:


thanks sav. you’re right about the siblance, she has a timbre thats really hard to work the essing out. the mastered songs needed hours of surgery. I didn’t want to get into it too much on this one but I will try notching the verb some.
appreciate it

I like the overall sound here. The guitars work well and the vocal has a ton of up front clarity. She does hit all of those sibilant sounds totally. I’ve heard a liitle peanut butter on the roof of the mouth will cure it. Too late now, though.

Love the song.


hey michael thanks as always

I can’t wait to tell her :laughing: