thanks everyone, the file has expired

Really - freakin’ - cool, Bob!~
I love the inventive way you’ve melded production styles here, from the lofi Frippesque sound near the beginning,
to the full, smooth jazzy sound - and yeah, a sax would be sweet here - and a sax could do some very interesting things on those breaks at 2:42 and again at the end. Now, do we know…anyone…here… that might - fit - the -bill…??? :slight_smile:
What sorta suggestions are you looking for with the groove. sounds like you’ve got one here that works.
If you think you might like to have some real bass on this, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.


real bass would be cool lenny, prolly won’t get a vocal so theres room for more interaction for sure. I did that track with this little bass synth I have, you just let me know what type of file you need for a backtrack and I’m all in.
I blame an old korg m1 for the change in feel, lol, jammin with that thing, still has a chord or 2 in it, just seemed right. and ya I was hearing echoey floydie sax sounds in those parts.
good stuff lenny, look forward to a bassline if you’re into it

Yup some tenor sax would really float this boat and I agree with Lenny some real bass would also add a nice finishing touch.


Definately a nice groove there. Sax would work in there…I wonder if something sort of…contrasting might fit… I’m thinking a David Gilmore kind of guitar lead… maybe even not by itself but playing against a sax line…the two talking to each other???

Nice stuff!


Defenitely a nice groove,let Lenny play bass, ask wim (hfhire)for sax, offering you a hammond groove no hard feelings when make the melodic hook to make it yours

quietly, karl and desert, thankyou all for listens and suggestions, all good. its still a wip so we’ll see what comes of it.

nice one bob,love the sound of the guitar , great groove, i think a slow breathy sexy girl vocal floating around on top not necesserily saying anything would be nice (pardon)or even maybe a bit of rappin somewhere ,yeh i think you should give it a live bass, but a real solid bass, a bit like talking heads “once in a life time” .

I think thats every mans dream :blush: :laughing:
I’m doing this apart from jas but I have some cool samples I could try. thanks for the suggestion

Good stuff Bob. Very enjoyable :sunglasses:

thanks phil.

bump for the new version

Great song and mix, bob. Doesnt sound like it needs anymore of anything to me.

I think you’ve processed the sax perfect (great delay on it!) Niiice work by wim!!
Lenny’s bass is great to, plenty of oomph! :slight_smile:

…says it all to be honest! :slight_smile:


hey sav, thanks for that. man. I think we captured what was there.
have a good weekend

Ahh, nice to hear this again - and with Wim’s part! Very cool - Wim never disappoints. He’s very good
at exploring new genre’s and making something happen with it. I especially like what he does in the strange part at 2:40. Excellent. Nice work, Bob.
Thanks for letting me take part. :slight_smile:

pleasure was all mine lenny, thanks mate. and wim was right on. I’m not sure how to improve the mix at this point. see what wim thinks. if its fine I’ll post the wave file here if anyone wants it.

I’m happy with the mix. That delay on the sax works great! :sunglasses:
Nice job! :slight_smile:

Nice! Good job all round. It was interesting to hear the use of delay on the sax, not all that common I would have thought but seems to work well.

I like the merging of styles in this too - makes for a more refreshing listen.

The only microscopic niggle I have is with the piano right at the start. The notes sounded just a little too staccato I thought… I would have liked to hear them ring out a little more, and I did also wonder if the sound/timbre itself should be a little softer and warmer? Not a biggie.

Nice work! :sunglasses:

ah I’m glad you’re fine with it, seemed right but I did automate it in spots so it didn’t get too carried away.
thanks again wim, everyone loves it at home here

yes I know what you mean there. hmm I will have a look, I may have not hit the sustain pedal till the last note of each phrase I’ll check. maybe I can automate a verb parameter just for the beginning to trim a bit of the harshness down.
thanks for that, and glad you like how the parts fit, kind of a gamble in the early stage.
appreciate the listen

unfortunately I’ve come down with a horrible cold and my ears are plugged solid. sherz did have a point I wanted to look at but I just can’t do it and no way am I going to mess with what I have in this condition. so heres the link to the wavefile as it stands if anyone wants it, it still sounds pretty good to me as is.
thanks again to the guys