thanks wim, dave and lenny.
@ ya lenny its the same talking to her, lol, huh…what did you say?
although we try to get better together over time, in the end its for the pure fun and enjoyment of doing it. we both really are just novices, no fancy equipment or dreams of stardom. I may down the road go back and play with it again, maybe see what I can do with individual words…but for now its on to the next song.
appreciate all the help
bob and jas

Hi there.
This is a hard song to review IMO.
So many cool ideas in here, but it is not “fulfilled”.

What I’d fix if I were the producer:
1: The Bd. It is too fat/flabby (and a bit too loud too) and does not fit with the rest of the song or the drum kit IMO
2: The general timing. it starts out ok, but after a minute or so into the song the guitars are not really swinging
3: the performance of the singer. Get this: I really like it but it is too “unsure”.
With just some hours more work this song could rise from a 6/10 to a 9/10

That’s my opinion and I did not mean it evil in any way

All the best, Kim

not at all, in fact I like horny toads :laughing:
comments from here go right to my project info, its a long winter. appreciate the listen and thoughts as always.