thanks everyone

i enjoyed it, sounds nice!
sorry to hear about your friend.

really appreciate that, thankyou


Wow. That was powerful. I’m assuming the sound effects in the middle are you interpreting the final moments
of your friends life. That’s what it felt like to me - him being swept under. Love the way you ended it, as well.
that’s what art is, capturing the things that move us.
this gave me chills. I can only imagine what it did to you, Bob, as you recorded it.

thanks for sharing it. I’m sorry for your loss, Bob.

thanks phil

yes, and it scared the crap outta me. when the wave hits I felt in some way I could reach out before the undertow dragged him down and prevent this, it messed with my head a bit. I don’t think I could recreate some of those sounds quite that way without it being real. I hope the peaceful ending was real and not interpretation.
thankyou for your thoughts lenny

This sounds really good and clean. I like that it keeps moving and producing new sounds. It really is a very nice tribute to your friend. Nice work!

Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear about your friend.
Lots of emotion in there. As Jaslan say’s, nice tribute to your friend.

All the best

hey sav and jaslan, I really appreciate the support.
have a great weekend folks

Very nice piece bob, sorry for your loss!

much appreciated

my condolences… Interesting stuff, very good outro too. sometimes I try to guess the synths and I feel like I may have heard fm8 and absynth.

A powerful piece, thoroughly enjoyable.

I’m not sure…are you saying you were with your friend at that moment?
Forgive me if I’ve got it wrong.

I am very sorry about the accident.

The guitar and some sounds are reminiscent of Sylvian’s _Gone to Earth_album
as well as the Last Day period with Fripp again, and so my connection with
the piece was instant and “familial”.

Great work.

on the right track with the synths. I have an expansion card for my old korg m1 of dx7 sounds and I also used some wusikstation fed thru some fsu plugs.
thanks for stoppin in

hey jet, no worries. I wasn’t physically there, I prolly would’ve changed the outcome though. I declined to go, I know the area and exactly what happened.
appreciate your thoughts mate, thanks.
ps…david sylvain is one of my alltime fav artists. still listen to brilliant trees often

Sorry to hear of your loss :frowning:

It’s a great sounding track… reminded me in parts of JMJ, and then later more like Knopfler a’la the Local Hero soundtrack. Quite a dramatic soundscape you’ve created and a fine tribute too - very nice!


thanks sherz, glad you enjoyed it.
pretty cool what it reminded you of. I really dig the guitar touch Knopfler has, I seen him live and remember thinking “calling elvis” could’ve played on for hours and it wouldn’t have bothered me at all, it was fantastic.

Wow, very nice. I liked the transition to the ending very much. Good memorial to your friend.

hey thanks man. ya, I like to think the ending played itself, the way it had to be