thanks guys.

This is a really lovely track, I enjoyed every minute of it.

The acoustic is Bill Nelson-ish. = Nice! The degree of chorus is a personal
thing, I’d back it off a tad.

Yeah, there is ebb and flow in the tempo, and maybe one day
you might go and fix it all. As you say, it doesn’t get in the way
of the listening.

As to the vocals, may I suggest a bit of file surgery on some of the
leading consonant and vowel clusters, especially in words like “give,” where they
are a little spikey. A few others, not many.

The only other thing I’d remark on is that it sounds a bit hissy/sheeny,
but in a good way, like tape.

Very nice track.

I think you done good! :slight_smile:

I like the ‘ebb and flow’ thing - it makes it real I reckon. I often question the merits of strictly adhering to a click which is so often used more as a covenience I suspect more than anything else. A degree of ‘ebb and flow’ is far more natural and I think many songs, if left to their own natural tendency, will push and pull the tempo somewhat and consequently have a better feel. I know when we play live on one song we play in particular the chorus always ends up being faster. I don’t fight it. If it feels like it needs to be faster… then I say let it be faster! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I like this track, nice vocal, just a few consonant fix-ups as Jet mentioned would be a worthy tweak and I’m not sure, but I think I’m also hearing a number of click type sounds - fret/string or maybe mouth noise perhaps??

Nice :sunglasses:

jet/sherz, really appreciate that you guys enjoyed the track, people whos work I respect. we’re both happy.
funny you mention bill nelson jet, I began listening to his stuff after the beebop deluxe days, lol thats going back. I’ll have a peek at the chorus on the acoustic, I thought it was a good contrast, I didn’t use my pedal so I can back it off. yup a bit more work on a few words I can and will do when the dust settles. and ya, damn, theres a few mic items that are harder to fix.
the tempo, well, not much I can do there unless I try beatmapping it, but then I might as well have used the click track in the beginning, I think I’ll leave that for this song. the next one is more stringent.
not everyones cup a tea so its nice to hear some out there like it.
good day gents

Good stuff Bob. Reminded me of Kate Bush, and Wicked Game by Chris Izaak despite not sounding like either :smiley:
So come tightening up time, that’s the area to aim for I reckon :sunglasses:
Really enjoyable piece. Well done all of you.

yay my favorite part, not, :laughing:
I’m glad no one mentioned my bass and piano adds, I’m hoping those tracks work ok with the piece.
thanks phil

Very soothing piece.
Jas? that is coat in Dutch :wink:

I like the transpose to the chorus. It introduces another part but instead it keeps leaning back to the previous part. very interesting. Around 2.38 the scene changes into a more rythmic ballad. Personnaly I would hold on to the previous ambience. The end…Live hurts sometimes…Very beautifull :cry:
There is a stringpart very softly. In my mind that could wel be a close up dark cello.

I for one am the bastard that demands that the song is played in a proper tempo. :imp:
Because the song diserves it. And I get distracted by it.

Fix the tempo and this will end up in my Ipod, I travel a lot by train, this is lovely to listen to.

Greetz Dylan.

Nice singing. There was something in the sound of the guitar that was distracting - like a grainy reverb or something. It didn’t sound as smooth as it seems it should for this lovely song.