thanks for the listens and comments

I thought the intro was a bit long, but once the breakbeat gets going this is a really nice track!

Link not working here Bob :imp:

yup, thanks phil, just checked and my server is down for the weekend, bleh, I may look for a new host, I’m growing weary of the downtime.

Whoa, that is cool. Nice job!

thanks man, glad you like. certainly not everyones cup o java, lol,
strange my content is playing on my server yet I can’t get to my server panel to change anything, theres actually one final mix to this, but I can’t load it up. this mix isn’t that bad though.

That was really cool. The mix sounds very good to me too. Thanks for posting it!

thanks jaslan, appreciate you stopping in.
have a great holiday season


Nice beat! Mix sounds very good.


thanks wim, hope the holidays are goin good

Cool, reminds me of Prodigy - Fat of the Land. Might be worth having a listen to that and maybe tweak the mix some more? Great what you have already though, good work :sunglasses:

hey season greets phil, thanks.
not sure where I can tweak the mix so I’ll have a listen to that song.

Funky, and nice instrumentals. :slight_smile: Really like the electronic touch it has; the voices (can’t really call 'em vocals) are on the strange side, but I like it. Keep it up.

BTW, are you gonna delete this one too? :smiley:

thanks for tuning in.
lol well I pay for a private server and have only so much space, I store alot of things so yes things get deleted, replaced, shuffled etc. but it allows me to post direct links which I like to do.
have a great new years partay!