thanks guys, vocal fixed

I think the song sounds really good. Instruments are great, vocal is not my cuppa though. I would get rid of the autopanner. It works in the intro and outro, but I find it a bit annoying in the middle section. Real shame there isn’t some more melodic value in the vocals imo, I think this recording would really shine with a catchy hook.

Good work though, and props for giving the singer what he wants :slight_smile:

Hi Bob

My cup of tea.

If you could make the vocal blend with the music a bit I would like this an awful lot. I had to turn the volume up to hear the coolness of the band but then the vocal was too hard. IMHO the vocal should not be out front as much for this type of music. Some distortion on the vocal or rolling off some of the top might help.

Really very cool though. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


thanks man, yup, I hear ya. I knew straight away this was going to be one of those love or hate things on the vocal side. while I was recording the backtrack I was wondering if I should leave out the slide guitar parts in case it influenced what he decided for vocal. I think it did, but in the end, its hard for me to ask for vocals on my work and then reject his take on it. I’ll see what I can do with the panning because I think you’re right.

good stuff dave, I knew there’d one outta 10 that would like it :laughing: right on with the mix, in fact I think I pushed the vox about 5k, not sure why but I’ll scoop that and it should put into the muze more, will do.
thanks dave
edit, just as I suspected, I had the vox level ok but then pushed it at 5k which ruined it. I will fix that after an incubation period, in case theres something else.

You’re somewhere up in the woods in Canada, right? Have there been any alien landings there recently? This stuff is so sci-fi cool! I think it sounds great. I like the way the vocals came out. I was trying to follow the words, but couldn’t catch them all. Is Miz a cylon possibly? I really enjoy your stuff.

:laughing: from the city to here was a difference I wasn’t ready for, the blackness at night, in fact I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. some nights while recording I’ll hear stuff and actually have to stop, get a flashlight and go outside to look around. makes for interesting recording sessions. miz described the effect he wanted on his voice, a while back I won an effect in a song contest and never used it. a 6 channel doppler thingy that seemed perfect, he loves it.
with lyrics, I think he likes the fact it can take multiple listens to catch onto whats being said. an accent, stacking lyrics and effects certainly doesn’t make it easy, :laughing: :sunglasses: .
I’m happy you like the stuff early, miz and I are 1\2 way through our CD of material. I can’t wait to do the graphics for it :smiley:

The Butterfly Effect

This exciting death coalesces into life…. a landscape of emotions… a teeming riot of colour. This gossamer kiss that paralyses… Thought made flesh fear in chains… you can hear its beat arrhythmic on the bars as life caresses life on the horizon….
Butterfly hearts for the Liquid Chosen. Anticipation- smoulders. My skin decays, brittle memories dancing like fireflies…. . True love lies in the twisted minds of the needy and the broken. I like to feel my fist kissing stone. I like to feel my feet crushing bone. I feel exhilaration as the mountain crumbles to dust - yeah you can hear its beat arrhythmic on the bars as life caresses life on the horizon…

To grind into dust with a single thought. To dance naked in the space between the sounds a riot of colour he Sings me a riot of colour. His cruel smile Piercing blue eyes that hold me enthralled . I love this man with his terrible gaze he fascinates me with his strange strange ways. I like the dance with danger yeah as life caresses life on the horizon you can hear its beat arrhythmic on the bars …

Not bad… :smiley: I quite enjoyed it. It’s certainly a dark themed piece, reminded me of aspects of The Wall actually - in particular the track ‘Waiting for the Worms’ - seemed to have a similar(ish) vibe I thought.


I finally got around to listening to this. Man, you are really doing some cool and creative stuff. I’m jealous. Fat and juicy mixes with a lot of original sounds. I love how you are able to blend the far out with the more traditional. Looking forward to the next one!

thanks man, it appears we have some similar interests when it comes to floydy type stuff. lately I’ve been listening to alot of pat metheny, sure wish I could get more influenced from that angle, but then I’d actually have to be able to play guitar :laughing: maybe someday I’ll figure something out.

I’m glad you came by, appreciate it. ya working with miz’s vocals sometimes forces me into a corner but I still like to get a band atmosphere in there where I can, otherwise my friends look at me weird, lol
the one thing I always loved about cubase is, it just seems when I open it, its ready to record without fuss. picking up the guitar or playing some keys just floats right in.

Hey Bob!
Very cool! Nice to see you’re still crankin’ them out. Love the vibe. Those lyrics are cool as hell!
I agree that the vocal sound seems a little separate or disjointed from the music. I’m sure you’ll
get it sorted after incubation.
I think the snare sound is just a bit boxy - maybe scoop out some mids.
Also, the bass could use a bit more low end punch and less mids. IMHO of course. :slight_smile:

Nice to hear your stuff again. I’ve got a handful of other pieces in my BlueBob folder that I need to
give another listen to. I remember being impressed with much of it.

hey lenny, how da heck are ya, thanks for stoppin in, beers in the fridge, :smiley:
ok cool, more notes for my final mix folder. I will make those adjustments. I think this time I’m going to do all these final tweaks once the complete album is assembled. it might help to get some consistency through all the songs.
anyhoo, hope all is well and you’re doin some gigs

I really like the music, too; the mix, not so much. The vocal is WAY too loud in context with the music, and its treatment sounds completely detached from the music, too. Personally, the robotto-metallic effect on the vocal is a bit annoying. I would love to hear it with a more natural treatment on the vocal – I truly believe it would KILL! :sunglasses:

the overwhelming consensus is the effect on the vocal isn’t working, I tend to agree. I try not to be overly critical of collab partners, thats why I appreciate the frank opinions here. I have emailed miz and sent him this link, I’m sure we’ll get it more better. the vocal level is dead easy for me to deal with later.
thanks guys

edit: ok I have the 2nd half main vocal back to dry but this isn’t as easy as I thought, the way he sang it and the timbre he used. lol somehow the effect worked, I’ll have to spend time with this to find a new way to mix it…