thanks everyone

Excellent, really really good piece imo!

Can’t wait to see this movie! We need a surround sound version of this one. It sounds great to me. You know your way around synths. Started a “bluebob” folder in my music library!

very interesting…nice work!

always appreciate the 1st comment, doesn’t matter how many songs have been done, after that final render you always wonder how it will be received. I still get a good feeling from it, thankyou

I always make a sort of movie trailor graphic for these songs, thats about the best I can do, the rest just plays over and over in my head, lol. I’m happy it sounds ok, still need to get my guitar skills up but I’m just not natural on guitar. after the lead spot, that simple guitar line had me frustrated, easy to the average guitarist but I really had to get my head around hitting that semi-tone note, I kept wanting to hit the major whole note progression. it was frustrating cause it sounds so easy, but at least I challenge myself recording the synths and then having to figure it out.
wow, a folder, thats putting pressure on me, lol. much appreciated early.

thanks mate, interesting is good. once I got jasmine to send me her voice, there was no turning back.

Interesting yes! Sounds used captured that sc-fi kinda sound.

Hello Bob

I have come to eagerly listen to everything you post here with great anticipation. This is another tune I like a lot. Not much else to say really except keep 'um coming. :sunglasses:

hey thanks, exactly what I was after. couple synth sounds in there I was waiting for the chance to use them.

hey dave, hows it goin. its very cool to have folks interested in listening in. have a good one

Yep. Good one. Nice work Bob.

Hmmm… I think I’m in danger of becoming a huge fan! :smiley: Really lovin’ this. :slight_smile: That climactic section in the middle is terrific.

I often think about taking a new direction with my music… and if I did I really would like to be able to make music like this. :sunglasses:

Outstanding Bob,

I am also a sci-fi nut, you nailed the atmosphere down.

Great how you manage to keep the tension for so long on the same progression.
I like the deep sounding kickdrum, it has a very round tone within the mix.

The beginnig could be the start of a Halo mission (both thumbs up)


appreciate you taking the time, thanks

thanks mate, I really was looking for something to divide the song, adding the guitar seemed to do the trick cause I was able to make it bigger there. maybe even a bit apocalyptic, :laughing: well maybe not that good but you get the idea.

hi dylan, ya right on, I spent alot of time with that opening, fussing about, once I settled on some things the rest fell into place as they say, glad you liked that, thanks.

Far out, man! You definitely have an ability to conjure up some otherworldly sounds. I really like what you do with a lot of the vocal processing. Some day I’ll have to do a little experimenting in that area. Nice work once again.


hey scott, good to see you stop by. ya the vocal stuff really is just experimenting till something clicks, its easier to get away with this stuff with certain styles of music. the normal vocal processing is alot harder to get right, lol. the fun part of this one was my pitched voice was in realtime so its kind of a different inspiration rather than applying the effect afterwards.

Bob, Incredible sounds wow…when kick came it floored me love that sound and the way it was tucked in mix during synth buildup…like an wave great dynamics. killer work,