outta space, thanks everyone

Your certainly not “spamming the joint” with another song…the music is what it’s all about, the more the merrier…
good vibe goin on, like the general sound, it’s just a little bit crowded and I think the vocal is a bit lost here and there…the advice that helped me a lot from members of this forum is to keep instruments away from each other and use or remove and return instruments during the course of the song… keep em coming !..Kevin

hey thanks for listening and commenting. I’m quite happy with the music side, maybe a touch of refinement, but its probably a taste thing. the vocals on the other hand do need work, its a fine line for me between vox and music. my personal taste is that I’m not fond of songs that have vocals in my face and seemingly not part of the music in general, again just a taste thing. I’ll work the vocals over and post a new version.

You posted “anyone for pop”… Do you listen to pop or was that just a header? A standard pop production would have the vocal a lot further out front. if you have the patience you should tune in a pop station or two. Music is great to me; maybe some details that need attention but as a guitarist ,I admire the tones.

As you say the vocals are the issue,any thought of cutting back the amount of words and running them all through at least one effect?

Anyway from your comments I think you already know what’s needed

Yes I agree about the vocals too. Overall sound is good otherwise. Guitar leads give me thoughts of Jeff Beck. Nicely done!

I have an idea but how much is always the million dollar question :laughing: getting another ear is great thankyou.

hey, I’m hopin the new mix is better. ya hes good, I tired to make’em big too :smiley: thanks for stoppin by

tiny bump, I know its not a popular thing but I’d like to hear any sort of comment on the latest mix, just so I can put it out of its misery, lol

sounds a ton better to my ears…Kevin

much appreciated, a ton is alot, :smiley: theres a “t” in there that needs automated down and a small siblance prob in a word or 2, and maybe a hair more bottom end. when I can stomach going back I’ll make those adjustments and call it a day.
thanks again

Yeah, hadn’t realized there was a new version; if I remember correctly, vocal is a little more forward, and better.

Hey Bob!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to listen to the earlier versions. This sounds really cool to me. Kind of a dark, spooky quality to it. I wasn’t so sure about the vocals at first but as the song went on everything seemed to find it’s place. A unique vocalist for sure!

I like the way the lead lines are sitting deep in the background yet I can still hear all the details.

Also love the way you handled the background vocals starting at about 1:30.

I think this would be something I would listen to on purpose. In fact, I just downloaded it :sunglasses: .


hi scott, ah cool you liked that, my acoustic was put back some too. the lead guy let me mess with the track which was cool. as you know I like to have a spacey kind of slant to my tracks and he also thought it sat well and achieved that. nice to have such great lines to work with, kudos to him.

miz always gives me more vocals than I know what to do with, lol, its always an experiment shuffling them around to find where it sounds good to me.
and hey, very happy you liked it enough to keep it around, cheers man


Love the “John, I’m Only Dancing” guitar-like harmonies!
Love the song in general!

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but my only criticism is the vocal tracking. Where do you record the vocals exactly? Do you use an iso booth or try to isolate as best as possible? I hear lots of reflections when I listen to the lead vocal track but I am not sure if its the room you are recording them in, the effects used or a combination of both.

Thanks for sharing!

hey, never taken the wrong way, I need to know what others are hearing, you can get blinded by mixes hearing them over and over. the vocal tracks are sent to me over the net. the only efx added to the vox is some verb. do you think it should be drier, it could be the settings on the verb also.

A bit of Psychedelic Furs meets Bowie meets Strawberry Alarm Clock.
All of which I like, mind you. :wink:

There’s a big early 80s thing that segueways into a late 60s thing here.
Then again, your posts have never been predictable. :wink:
Way nice guitar sounds, quite delectable. Hats off.

I agree there are some things that need fixing with the vocal.
There is a lack of clarity, intelligibility
and audibility. Words are getting lost. Those background phrases are hard to follow.
And is it “In the shubways”??? Sorry, what is Miz singing there?
The vocal sounds quite tubey too, a bit phased or flanged or something. :confused:

Sorry to jump over it, but I know you just want honest feedback.

Have you stopped drinking the magic water? :laughing:

oh most definitely jet, have to admit I’ve had the urge to put it down but I haven’t yet so I’m still trying to get it at least closer to 4 outta 5 anyway, lol.
I hear your main points and agree, here is the problem I’m faced with.

-I don’t think miz has a proper monitoring system set up, while monitoring the record track you know its dead easy to create a loop, and phase will creep in, its inherently on the record track sent to me, tough to deal with that. I know from my early experiences it wasn’t solved completely until I got a proper mixer with separate control room, master and monitor outs.
-he changes his vocal delivery quite often during a track. bassey tone vibrato one minute and then squeezes his voice trebley the next…its his style but poses a challenge for me. surgery and maybe automating eq could solve some of this.
-coping with many backing vocals he sends is fun, lol, trying to keep them from overcrowding things or too in ya face and of course keeping a spacey vibe. maybe some compression there, hmm

anyway, always appreciate your candid thoughts, off to have another go on it.

well for a day or so, lol, was getting the heebeegeebees, “must come down” might need a sip or 2 to get back at this mix though

oh btw, the line is “in the shockwaves” …I know I should post the lyrics

Nicely summed up :slight_smile:

I quite like this, in fact its pretty cool but it is the vocals that are well, a bit of a mess really :confused: I like the idea of them though, but mostly its the vocal mix that’s the real problem for me… the choice of FX etc really have compromised the clarity quite significantly - I can barely make out a single word and, as it’s quite a reverby sounding mix too, which while I think gives the track some of is character, it is probably further adding to the vocal ‘confusion’. Also, there’s a few pitching problems here and there - probably easy tweaks.

I reckon if you can rethink the vocal mix on this one it could be really good :sunglasses:

Very interesting tune. I would give up on being in anyway “pop”. Why constrain yourself? You have a very distinct sound. I don’t want to compare but I will anyway because it’s a window into the listeners brain: Bowie, Roxie Music, Electric Sun. Technically the vocal mix needs some work just for intelligibility and the drums seems a little robotic at times. Overall awesome work!

man, I’m sure taking a pummelling over these vocals, :laughing: and rightfully so. I did some work last night and I have to say in my defence, I listened to the vocal track straight up, no efx, on its own, and these uk opera guys are not easy to understand all the time anyway, lol.

@sherz, jjtcorsair, I’m happy folks are liking the tune on an overall basis, I like the tune myself. I have another mix ready, I think its better but theres only so much I’m capable of with what I have to work with. I may post one more mix, I dunno, I’m sure everyones had enough of this one, its ok if it rides off into the sunset.

@jjtcorsair, I don’t mind at all hearing what bands my songs remind them of, like you say its a window into the listeners head, I like that. not heard of “Electric Sun” listen to a couple of their tunes, cool stuff, heavy but with a melodic feel, which I like. and! sweet looking keyboard player, :sunglasses: