Deleting a flow takes very long...

I imported a Sibelius xml with seven songs. In Dorico this became a single flow, but I would like to have a single flow for every song, so I decided to copy this flow 6 times and delete 6 songs from every flow, giving me a single flow for every song.

This turned out to be very difficult. First, duplicating of a flow takes a couple of minutes. Next, deleting a fow doesn’t work at all. It stayed stuck with the spinning ball for about 10 minutes after which I decided to force quit Dorico and start over again.

Is there an easier way to split a long imported score in different flows?

Andre, in write mode select a rhythmic position where you want to split the flow and then go to the write menu and choose simple “Split Flow”. That the duplicate/delete operations lasts a couple of minutes is not normal.

May be worth reading.

Thanks, I imported them one by one which also is a good solution.

Thanks, I had read it, my project didn’t have an empty-handed player though.