Deleting a passage creates extra hairpins?

Can anyone help me explain what’s going on here?


I’d need to see the project, but I imagine you have a number of gradual dynamics that are ending up suppressed in drawing by the presence of other dynamics both above and below the staff.

I’m not really sure how to avoid it. I just entered some dynamics over notes with no dynamics, but when I went to delete them, I had to delete them 2 or 3 times before they disappeared. It’s like I’m creating 3 copies of them when I enter them in.

Like I say, I’d need to see the project together with a set of steps to reproduce the problem, in order to be able to advise further. I hope you will forgive me trotting out one of the sticky posts from the forum. Something something something pictures are pretty but useless something something please attach a project if you’d like us to help something something my fingers are tired from typing this all the time something something. :slight_smile:

Here is the project, thanks. It’s a messy work in progress.

I can’t really give the steps to reproduce the problem, because I don’t know what it is I’m doing to cause it in the first place. Sometimes dynamics are deleted as I would expect, other times not. (1.9 MB)

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I have noticed that when I click on a dynamic (mf, <, >) in bars 161 to 171 in the Vln 1 staff, they show in the Status Bar as being in bar 160.
Similarly, all the dynamics in the piano part in bars 161 to 168 show in the Status Bar as being in bar 161.

I could be wrong, but I assume this is because they’re grouped together?

That is possibly correct ie I don’t know.
Have you tried ungrouping them to see what effect that has on the deletion problem you described in your earlier posts?

I don’t think I tried that, but I definitely will the next time it happens.

Thanks for providing the project. I’ve had a close look at it, and I can’t see any additional dynamics that would account for this behaviour. I wonder whether it might have been a redraw problem, somehow? If you encounter it again, please try saving the project at that point (under a new name) and then close and reopen it. If you see the extra dynamics at that point after reopening it, please send it along to me.

Thanks Daniel, will do. I change things a lot when I’m composing in Dorico, and I suspect somewhere during all the copying, pasting, grouping, ungrouping, dragging, etc., some unwanted things are happening.