Deleting all automation tracks of one type?


is it possible to delete all Automation tracks of a certain kind from all audio tracks simultaneously? I would like to get rid of all my panning automations but would like to keep all other automations.

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Select the automation track, right click/select all, then delete.
If you are not planning to re-do the panning automation, you can also suspend the pan-automation for the project.


I think this will delete all automation types of one track, but not one automation type of all tracks, Fredo.

I did manage to delete all automation tracks, after I have open all these automation tracks then marked all automation tracks individually without marking the audio tracks and then I could delete them all simultaneously. But still this is not much of a time saver. It would be a time saver, if there was a possibility to quickly mark all automation track and open the same automation (like panning) in that tracks. Is there such a possibility?



I haven’t tried this, so this just me thinking out loud hoping it’ll point you in a direction that might solve it…:

How about if you were to put all tracks in one automation mode, touch, group all tracks, punch to beginnin/end, and just touch the parameter? Wouldn’t that write automation of that parameter to beginning end on all tracks?

That is clever!