Deleting automation wall to create automation ramp?
(Gif is from Pro Tools)

Is there a shortcut or macro to make this possible in Nuendo?

Not to my knowledge. It’s one of the few things I really miss about ProTools, as it makes it so much easier to clean up automation. You can do it in Nuendo, but it’s much more labor intensive and as a result it usually doesn’t happen.


After doing my first large scale mix job in PT (after a few happy years in Nuendo) this became a feature I just couldn’t go without.

A lot of headscratching and hours later I finally came up with a macro which actually works (most of the time…)

It assumes some settings and configurations to be used - you might find you can make it work with other settings, but I will share with you how I’ve got it working.


  1. You need to be using the combination tool (pointer and range)
  2. You need to have the preference “Editing - Cycle follows range selection” active. (I guess this could be baked into the macro too somehow)
  3. You need to create a Project Logical Editor preset according to the screenshot below.
  4. It functions best (potentially only) when using TC as your time format
  5. The automation track you do your range selection on needs to be selected when executing the macro - I always work with “Track selection follows event selection” pref activated. If you dont, you will want to delete the first and last commands of the macro. Adding these allows multi track selection cuts.

Warning : To get it to work, the macro extends your selection by a small amount pre and post your range selection. Do let me know if you figure out any other way of avoiding this!

Project Logical Editor Preset (can be saved with any name, just find the preset name in the key commands list when making the macro)


Using the combination tool, make a range selection on your automation lane(s), execute your key command and sink into your chair in bliss. (if you can get it to work… do let me know!)

I now use this more than any other key command for manipulating automation.

Any improvements to this would be MUCH welcomed, as I am on a forever journey towards workflow improvements :sunglasses:

Let me know how you get on, I haven’t seen anyone else use this so hopefully I haven’t missed out on any of my prefs that need to be in use for it to work. Fingers crossed!

DUDE! I first responded that mine wasn’t working, but I realized I missed the option at the very bottom of the Project Logical Editor (make sure drop down menu says "Select).


Well done man, well done, and thank you so much! More people need to know about this haha

*Note for other people - I don’t work with “cycle follows range selection” on, so I added that at the very bottom of the macro, and at the very top, and it works great still!

The only thing I am having a problem with is if I have multiple automation lanes open on an individual track - Not only does it not do it to all of them at the same time, but it actually doesn’t work at all if multiple lanes are open. Trying to figure it out now.

For example, if I have 3 automation lanes open (for 1 track), and I just try to use the macro on one of those lanes, it just deletes the automation points.

But with just 1 automation lane open, it’s perfect.
It also works perfectly with multiple TRACKS (like 1 automation lane on Track 1, and one automation lane on Track 2) - just a problem if there are multiple automation lanes showing on an individual track.

Do you have the same results?

Amazing you got it going too! Makes me happy to hear. Every person adding this to their arsenal makes the time spent on it twice as useful :muscle:

It is definitely buggy, and sometimes it just doesn’t do what you expect it to but you try again and it works, so do proceed with (joyful) caution.

Until I saw the GIF in your post, I did not have any implementation to use it across several tracks at all but added it to the macro inspired by your request. So, I haven’t had any time with that functionality, and to be honest haven’t been missing it either.

I have my last day of work today before heading on holiday for two weeks, but if I find myself with some time later I will do some tests/experiments and see what I come up with. If not, see if you come up with something before I return.

I tested the multi lane selection on a single track with three automation lanes open, that worked fine. Did not do any tests across multiple tracks.

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Yeah for sure, doing it across several lanes isn’t one of those things that I would use all the time or anything so its not a huge deal at all- but it is interesting that it is working fine with multiple lanes one one track for you, but breaking for me. Anyways, the current iteration is totally fine and great. Thanks again!