Deleting Dorico Projects

After searching this topic and reading many threads regarding deleting parts of Dorico projects, I am still at a loss as to how to delete a Dorico project in the “hub” window. Perhaps semantics plays a role in my dilemma. To me, a USA musician, a project is the sum total of all parts in a computer musical composition; the notes, articulation, layouts for score printing, playback, etc. So, when I see projects listed in the “hub” window and want to delete one or more, what steps do I need to take to make this happen so the next time I view the “hub” window, the subject projects will not appear?

Any clarification on this issue will be greatly appreciated. At present, it’s difficult for me to distinguish the difference between a project and a layout. Layout, to me, just always meant the total of all musical signs, symbols, notes etc. included in a score which would be prepared for printout purposes.


Think of a “layout” as something that will create one printed document.

A Docrico “project” can contain several layouts all derived from the same musical content, for example a full score, parts, a piano reduction or rehearsal score, alternative versions of some parts of the piece, etc.

The musical content that goes into the layouts is stored in the “flows.” A flow can be anything from the whole piece, down to a snippet of just a few notes.

In the simplest situation there isn’t much to distinguish these ideas. For example, in a one-page lead sheet, the project would contain only one layout and the music would all be in one flow.

To remove a project from the list in the “hub” window but keep it on your PC, right-click on it in the hub and choose “remove from hub”.

To delete a project completely, just find the .dorico file on your computer and delete it.

Thanks Rob. From your clear and sequential explanation, I have a much better understanding now between a project and a layout. Since I’m on a Mac, I’ll just search for the file and delete it.

Hmm… When I right-click on a project name in the hub, nothing happens (Windows 10). If I double-right-click, it loads the project, as if I’d left-clicked.
If I remove the file from the dorico projects folder, then it no longer shows up (no surprise there).

Ah. Maybe I’ve just told you something you aren’t supposed to know about yet… :blush:

Unless it was a throw-away line in the latest “Discover Dorico” session - half of which was about the “small stuff” in the next release, not the well-advertised “cues, fingering, and unpitched percussion” big new features.

In the next update you will indeed be able to right-click on an entry in the list of recent projects in the Hub and remove it from the list there, but that will of course not delete the project file itself on disk. If you want to actually delete the project file, you’ll need to find it in the Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (Windows) and delete it like any other file on your computer.