Deleting doubled midi notes on two different tracks?

I know about the “delete double” function, but I’m wanting to do something different and wondering if it’s possible. I have a midi track that is a full piano part and then I have a second track where I have pulled just the melody line from that piano track.

I want to create a third track that starts with the data of the piano track and delete only those melody notes from the second track. The reason is for when I’m orchestrating I can more quickly pull out melody lines and not have to constantly delete the same notes in several tracks.

Is this possible to select the melody line in the second midi track and then delete those notes from a third track?


I don’t think this is possible, sorry.

I have to agree with @Martin.Jirsak that this can’t be done.

However you might consider adjusting your workflow a bit to avoid this in the future if you intend to regularly pull melody lines out of chords. The trick would be to initially use Shared Copies and then use Macros & the LE to convert them to Real Copies and clean them up. Below is an example of a way to do this to demonstrate the key concepts. But these could be applied in a bunch of different ways.

Say you have three Instrument Tracks, lets call them Chords (for ALL the Notes), Melody (for the solo line), Piano (for all the Notes except the Melody Notes).

Start off with a MIDI Part on the Chords Track that has all the notes on it. Make 2 Shared Copies of this Part on the other two Tracks. Now any change made to one Part will occur on all of them.


Next edit any one of the Parts in the Key Editor. In this example I’m going to use the Note’s MIDI Channel Number to indicate the Melody line, but there are other Note Attributes you could also use - for example the seldom employed Voice Attribute.

Select the Notes for the Melody Line and on the Info Line change them to Channel 2. The pic below shows Channel 1 as Red and Channel 2 as tan.

Next convert the Shared Copies to Real Copies so they can be edited independently.

Now if you Select the Melody Part and run a Logical Editor Preset to Delete all the Notes on Channel 1 it will leave behind only the Melody line. And similarly Deleting Channel 2 on the Piano Part will leave behind only the Chord Notes not in the Melody.

Explaining this makes it sound more complicated than it really is. Most of this can easily be setup into Macros outside of choosing the Notes for the Melody.

The Melody & Chords used above were based on graphical and not musical considerations