Deleting extra blank measures at end

How do I get rid of extra, blank measures at end of song? Like an extra “Tacet Al Fine” and then a couple empty measures? I’ve tried searching in this forum for an answer.

Please see Deleting empty bars/beats at the end of flows

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When I go to Write on my iPad, I don’t have a Trim option. And I don’t have a Shift B. And I don’t have Bars and Bars Lines in my Popover. What am I missing? I’m trying to get of the 32-48 measures in Tacet Al Fine as well as the extra single measures after the Tacet.

It’s helpful if you can specify when your question is ipad specific as the interface is slightly different.

Select the barline before the tacet marking, then click the Bars and Barlines button in the right panel (it’s the icon that looks like a final barline). Then type trim Enter

As to the following little section of music, that appears to be a separate flow. You can select and delete that flow from the bottom panel of Setup mode.

Excellent!!! Mucho kudos!!! Thank you so much pianoleo!!!

A quick shortcut method:

  1. Tap on a bar to select it.
  2. Press Shift-B to bring up the Bars popup
  3. Type:
    a. Trim and press Enter— to remove all remaining bars
    b. +5 and press Enter — to add 5 bars (or any # you want to add)
    c. -6 and press Enter — to remove 6 bars (or any # you want to remove)