Deleting flows and moving pages

I have a project for publication with 108 flows and 166 pages. Out of copyright issues, we had to delete 3 pieces (flows) at a very late stage of the process. In the whole project there are a lot of page tamplate changes and flow header changes. I also defined a lot of extra page templates and flow headers, to avoid overrides as much as possible.
This is what I did:
I deleted two flows in the middle (page 80-85). Than I selected page 86 till the end in the pages panel and moved them after page 79. Unfortunately this didn’t work as expected and some pages were not moved correctly.
Two questions:

  1. Is this the best way to delete flows and pages or is there an better way?
  2. @dspreadbury do you want to look at the project, which is quite large. I can mail it to you, because I can’t share it in public.

Yes, this is the approach I would have recommended taking. I would probably be inclined to move the page overrides before I delete the flows, but I would expect it to work.

I wish in a not-so-distant future update this would be addressed and Dorico would be able to view changes in engraving/frames as belonging to flows rather than “absolute” pages.
In several projects I find myself needing to swap flows in the end and it’s impossible to do so without messing everything up when there’s custom frames and all, which are obviously for a specific flow and layout…

Let’s hope it’ll come soon !