deleting folder with no project

I often open a new cubase project with the intention of not saving it. Like if I just want a blank project to experiment with a plugin, or something like that. When I’m done, I close the project and don’t save. But I’m left with a bunch of empty folders such as new-01, new-02, etc. I dislike going through all those to check if there’s actually anything in there. Is there anyway to automatically delete them if the project they were created for isn’t saved? Or should I just have a blank project, and open that everytime instead of starting a new one? Just wondering what other people’s strategies are.

Pretty sure there isn’t an automatic way to solve this issue, no.
I have a rough start folder that I use for all such experimentation and potential new projects. If it begins to turn into something I use the (poorly named) Backup Project function to export the arrangement and all associated audio files into a new Project.