Deleting frame breaks


I need to repaginate and resize several parts, and I need to start again with the frame and system breaks.

I have tried using Edit>Filter> Frame breaks and pressing delete, but it doesn’t delete them. Except in Write mode, Frame breaks is greyed out. I have tried highlighting one of them and using Shift+Alt+A to select them, but that doesn’t work either. Anybody have any other ideas how I can do this and quasi start afresh with the parts?

Thanks, as always,


Unless you’ve done some layout-specific work (like setting local properties just in the part), you could simply delete the layout and create a new one?

That said, for me selecting all, filtering breaks (which you can only do in Write mode, where filters work), then pressing Backspace / Delete in Write or Engrave mode works as expected. If it’s happening in a particular project but not others for you, do share the project where it’s not working here in this thread so someone can take a look.