deleting Frame or System Break on TACET crashed Dorico 2.2

I have a layout I wanted to start a new frame with the 3rd movement TACET, so I selected the tacet mark and made new frame. Trying a different option I wanted to delete it, but every time I do Dorico crashes. I can work around by changing the new frame to new system, but also deleting the new system mark crashes Dorico.


You’ll be asked by the team to post a stripped-down zip of the offending project here so they can take a look.

IIRC this one’s already on the bug list (and if so, you won’t be asked for a cut down copy of the project). Maybe work around it by setting it to a System Break, then just leave the System Break where it is.

It’s always helpful to see the project in the case of a reproducible crash. Even if it turns out we’ve already fixed the problem it’s helpful to be able to verify that this isn’t some variation on the problem that we were previously unaware of.

I’m terribly sorry, I just realized I’m not getting any notifications of responses to my posts. Thank you all for replying: I don’t think I have a backup of when the bug happened anymore, but if I come across it again I’ll be sure to post the file for you.