Deleting ISRC codes in montage

It may be an uncommon process, but I find it hard to delete ISRC codes in the montage. I usually delete ISRC codes when I make instrumental masters or vinyl/cassette pre-masters. Since the montages for alternate formats can usually be based from the digital master using “save as”, I find that I need to delete ISRC codes fairly often.

However, when I try to delete an ISRC code, the code first disappears when I highlight the code and press delete and looks to be gone, but then the code returns when I leave the first code box and go to delete the next one. It’s almost as if I have to delete the code, enter a new digit, delete that new digit and then finally the code disappears. Something that should take 10 seconds can take one minute of messing around to clear the codes for a long album.

Am I doing something wrong or do others experience this behavior when deleting ISRC codes in Wavelab 8 & WL 8.5?

OSX 10.9.2

It seems that highlighting the code, and pressing delete followed by return makes it faster to delete ISRC codes but a global ISRC clear would be a great feature. I couldn’t do a global clear using the CD wizard without starting over with all marker settings.

+1. I also need to clear all ISRC fairly often.