Deleting last bar deletes dynamic

Hello, when I Deleting the last bar from a piece Dorico deletes the dynamic as well. No matter if remove it manually .

What could I do against it?

Thank you

Where does the attachment line show the ppp is anchored?

The ppp dynamic is linked to the first note of the bar you’re deleting. Oddly enough if you delete that bar, then delete the hairpin the deleted bar reappears!

Others may have a far better way round this that me, but my way would be to

  1. write the final whole note as a dotted half note, tying it back to the previous note
  2. write a quarter note (no tie) after the dotted half
  3. enter the dynamic (pp>ppp?) up to the end of the dotted half note
  4. tie the last two notes together to make a whole note

You can move the caret to a latter part (say beat 4 or 4 1/2) of the second last bar, and enter the dynamic there.

Set the grid value to quavers/eighths, select the ppp and type Shift-Alt-Left arrow once. Then trim the flow (or delete the final bar). And yeah, if you haven’t entered the dynamics, use the caret to attach them to the correct places from the get go.

Thanks for that (Shift-Alt-Left), Leo - so much easier.

Thank you all!