Deleting measures in Dorico for IPad


Is it possible to delete measures in Dorico for IPad? I have followed the Dorico instructions, but the bar numbers pop-up won’t accept a minus sign, so only positive numbers are possible.

If not what version of Dorico would I need ?


It seems to work fine here, at least using the onscreen keyboard, and the System Track also works for adding and removing bars.

It works for me as well, using the onscreen keyboard.

Thanks for the quick responses. I’m using the onscreen keyboard, so it must be user error.

I tap to open the flyover, then the Insert bars drop down opens with a 1 in the box. I delete the 1, but then nothing happens when I type the minus sign.

I just tried the System Track and that works fine, so thanks for that info. It seems a bit cumbersome for multiple bars, but it does solve the basic problem

I think you’re confusing the right panel with the popovers. The icons at the top of the right panel (a sort of palette and a keyboard) switch between popovers mode and panel mode. You want it in popovers mode, so that when you tap the Bars and Barlines icon you get an empty popover on the page, not a panel to the right of it.

You’re absolutely correct, I didn’t know there were two modes. Thanks again.